Experience relief from Depression without medicine or dietary change

Stress and depression have become very common in today’s fast-paced world. Feeling low or depressed is something we all go through at some point of time. However, when such a feeling is prolonged and impacts an individual’s day to day life, he could be suffering from depression.

In the medical world, depression is considered to be a result of chemical imbalances in the brain that causes mood swings and depressive tendencies in an individual. As a consequence, one develops a pessimistic outlook towards life. Repeated bad experiences, struggling life and frequent setbacks are also reported to trigger this mental condition.

A depressed individual may not be able to enjoy a normal and healthy life. His ability to make decisions, self-esteem, relax and enjoy life may be impacted. Following are some signs of depression:-

  • Feeling of hopelessness and helplessness makes everything bleak
  • Only you can improve your situation
  • You don’t find anything joyful
  • There is no interest in hobbies, pastime, lovemaking and other social activities
  • In a month or less you can even lose 5% of the body weight
  • Either insomnia or oversleeping is common
  • Feeling of restlessness, agitation and extreme anger are common
  • Lower tolerance level, too much impatience, and violent reactions
  • Feeling physically drained, sluggish or tired. Even the easiest tasks may become most difficult to accomplish trouble focusing

Depression can become really worse if ignored. It will keep progressing and developing if nothing is done. A patient may seem moody in the initial days which can end in death with too much mental and physical exhaustion.

If you have not experienced considerable improvement in your condition and the medicines prescribed to you are not well-tolerated by your body, it’s time to address the root causes of your depression.

As per Saral Energy the root causes of your health issues may be related to hindrances in cosmic energy flow within you and your surroundings. Saral Energy suggests remedial measures to unblock this energy flow within and around you through the use of appropriate directions and decluttering specific zones in your home. Without any intervention of medicine or diet, you can experience relief from depression within a span of 7 to 180 days.