On Children’s Day, let’s focus on building healthy spaces for them

Today is 14th November, celebrated as Children’s Day in India. On this special occasion for children, let us focus our attention on the challenges faced by them today and see how we can help.

The hypercompetitive world of the 21st century, entails the children to be physically, mentally and emotionally strong and handle the stresses and challenges of this era. The children today are challenged by the fast-paced, technology driven life. They need a ray of light in the darkness of chaos, disharmony and insensitivity that prevails in the world today. The existing education system gives importance to only academic excellence and ignores overall aspects of a child’s development. Besides, there are numerous limitations and challenges of the system that do not allow the children to realize their full potential.

In the wake of the above scenario, we often witness children struggling with issues like memory loss, poor concentration, anxiety, depression, disinterest in studies and other exam related problems. Children often find themselves disoriented within the confines of today’s disharmonious living spaces and school buildings. They are surrounded by gadgets and technology that cuts them off from the natural environment and universal order. Considering the above challenges, todays’ parents spend 1/3rd of their life worrying about their children and their overall development.

The root causes of the above is the imbalance of the energy surrounding children, which is not in tune with nature and universal order. Unless and until, we balance the energy within and around the children, they will not be able to flourish and grow. Being in tune with the nature and unity of the universe will give the children, the necessary wisdom to realise their full potential and handle the challenges of today. On this Children’s day, let us make a pledge to build the right kind of environment that supports all aspects of children’s development. This will help in their overall development and create to become responsible future leaders of tomorrow.