Don’t cheat anybody in your life – Be Truthful

I have always been intrigued by witnessing the suffering of people. The financial losses I suffered in construction business as well as children suffering from cancer, made me think of the causes of their sorrows. At that time, I got an awakening through my dreams, where I saw a compass and house layout repeatedly. I realized that he imbalance of the cosmic energy within us and our surroundings (house or workplace) is the cause of our sufferings. This awakening led me to show a unique and simple path of Saral Energy wherein you can tune into the cosmic energy forever in no time through directions, structure and chakras. This need to be adopted by each individual at a personal level and in the house of stay or our workplace.

During my journey over the last 2 decades of helping people overcome from their life sufferings, led me to adopt certain life principles (Saral Sutras). They potentially have the power to enhance our consciousness and help us lead a blissful life.

The first sutra of being truthful is a very powerful attribute, which we should put to use in our daily lives. No matter how difficult or challenging be the situation, one should be honest and truthful in life. If we observe this sutra in our life, we can experience a positive energy within us. Treading the path of righteousness soon helps us make a respectable and distinguished place in the society. People also start holding us in high esteem. This positivity is reflected on our faces and we begin to radiate positive energy around us. A sense of harmony with nature and universal order can also be experienced.

Let me explain this with the help of a story of two fruit vendors, where one was selling fruits in an ethical and truthful manner, while the other was interested in only short-term gains. Both the vendors were selling fruits in the same area, but people used to prefer coming to the first vendor. The reason being the vendor was ensuring that the fruits given to customers, were always good on quality and reasonable on price. Also, the vendor used to replace any bad fruit found by the customer, without thinking of financial impact on himself. He believed that by being ethical and truthful, we can create long-term and sustainable relationships with people, and lead a happy life.

Let’s make a resolve not to cheat anybody in life. In this way not only shall we earn a good reputation in society and progress in life, but also get inner peace and happiness!